Friday, August 10, 2001


Today we had our 27 1/2 week appointment. Everything is still looking good! Alex played hide and seek with Dr. Blumhagen while he was trying to find his heartbeat. It was 157bpm, which seemed faster than it normally is. Dr. Blumhagen explained that it was very normal, considering how active he was! I have gained a whopping 27lbs so far!!! Seems like way to much, yet so similar to what my body did while pregnant with Ashley. I've decided not to let it bug me, I'll just keep eating right, and whatever weight I gain is what is meant to be!!! I had my 1 hour glucose test today, which is the gestational diabetes test. I'm sure I'm fine! We now have to go to the dr. every 2wks. instead of once a month! Already? I can't believe we're already as far as we are!