Sunday, August 17, 2008

Testing, One, Two

Friday's progress proved to be just enough for a little fun. Since they're still working on backfilling, we could only fill the pool to the level of the backfill....which proved to be JUST enough. Alex and his two neighbor friends had a BLAST swimming, and I had just as much fun watching. THIS is what it's all about!

Friday night: Excuse the poor quality...I was using a cheapy camera.

Saturday Morning, crack of dawn, 6:30 to be exact, my darling husband set out to purchase the remaining tools and supplies for building the fence. With the help of Joe the magnificent, we spent the next 14 hours building our fence. And believe it or not, we actually had FUN. My husband is amazing. I'm just in awe at his abilities. No problem was too complex. And every solution turned out to be a masterpiece. I'm dead, I'm sore, I'm weak, but more than anything I'm SO PROUD of us!!!