Friday, February 29, 2008

I can finally laugh!

"I can finally laugh!" -Alex Urben

The sicko is finally on the mend. I knew yesterday was going to be different when he came in to our room at 4am, laid his head next to mine, and said,
"Momma, how was thread invented?" Yes, thread. As in fibers. Clothes. Blankets.

Dumbstruck momma, lay in complete silence contemplating the answer with a slight grin peeking out from the corners of her mouth. "uhhh...duhhhh...."

"Well momma, I think we should go check out a book from the library and find out tomorrow." Oh the wonder of that sweet boy.

Do I even need to take his temperature at this point? Nah! We have our boy back, no doubt about it.

And lastnight at dinner he discovered his laugh was back, and proceeded to giggle throughout the entire meal, at mostly nothing. :)

And here is a little You Tube that sums up how we're feeling today. (I LOVE this clip!)

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


As of today, Alex has been sick for an entire week. I took him in Monday, and got him on antibiotics for 2 ear infections and some chesty stuff that could possibly be infection as well. The doctor seemed pretty convinced that he also has the flu, however, since we're paying out of pocket for this visit, I opted not to get the test. No point really. So here we are one week and three days of antibiotics later and he wakes up with a 103° fever, screaming with pain in his ears. I'm worried that one might have perforated, or ruptured, but according to everything I've read all that can be done is have him on antibiotics and pain meds. So, for now, I'm going to forego taking him back in and hold out until tomorrow. If the antibiotics haven't made a dent by then, we'll be on our way back to the dr. He recommended that we come back after a few days if the antibiotics don't seem to be doing the trick, for some chest x-rays.

Poor kiddo. There is a permanent impression of his little body on the couch. He is just a mess.