Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Zoo today and summer stuff

We have 2 weeks left of summer, I can hardly believe have fast it has flown by! My goals for the summer were:

1. To get on a better schedule, as far as house work goes
2. Get Ashley set up with a typing program
3. Go over all of Ashley's multipication facts to reinforce them
4. Spend lots and lots of time with the kids
5. Get a mini-preschool area set up for Alex in the playroom

I've accomplished most of them! I still have not ordered Ashley's typing program. I NEED TO DO THAT! She is so anxious to learn to type, and I really do need see to it that she starts soon, while she's so interested. We are almost through with all the multipication tables, and she's doing just fine with that. The preschool is a brain child of mine, that WILL get done before school starts in 2 weeks. I have the plan, and most everything I need to get started. For paint, I'm going to do bright colors, one on each, blue, yellow, and orange. On the blue wall I will put the big tree wall hanging and the picket fence. It's going to be so cute, and I have so many ideas on how to use the tree for different themes throughout the year. Mark is making me a book display. Those pick-a-book stands are so expensive! Mine will not be nearly as nice, but it will still function like I want it to. I want Alex to be able to SEE the front of his books instead of me stacking them in a cabinet. I bought some whiteboard paper, and a big board and created my own whiteboard. It's 4x2 and cost me a whopping $8 to make! I'm so proud of that one! Anyway, I have tons of stuff in my head, I just need make it happen, and I will have plenty of time next week to make sure I get it done. The kids are going to my dads to visit for a few days. Imagine that...ME HOME ALONE! EEK! I have NEVER been alone for an entire day!

Today we're going to the zoo. The Austin Zoo is not really a "zoo", it's really an animal rescue that specializes in zoo type animals. It's not very big, but perfect for little guys like Alex. We're going with a group of friends that Alex gets along well with, so that should be fun!