Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Is really only mid June?? I feel like we've done so much already, enough for entire summer! I had my 10 year reunion, that was a lot of fun, it was interesting to hear all about what everyone has done with the last 10 years. I was shocked that only 78 people showed up...including spouses, from a class of almost 400. It probably had something to do with the $45 per person. Despite that, it was fun to dress up and see all of my old friends.

Last Saturday we FINALLY had Ashley's adoption party! We had it out at my dads lake house where everyone could swim and wakeboard. Wow, what a party! It was an hour and a half drive for everyone, so we were surprised at the 30+ person turnout. It was so nice to have so many people that we care about in the same place at once showing their support for our family. It was a beautiful time!

As for me, I'm just trucking along, enjoying my time with my kiddos both being home together for summer. We go swimming almost everyday, and I'm still working out 4-5 times a week. I've found that my love is aerobic classes, I'm addicted!!! I take muscles in motion on Mondays, which is a toning class, Circuit training on Tuesday, this class kicks my butt for a full hour...I have finally adjusted to the step, for a while there I wanted to quit just for the simple fact that I felt like such a moron on the step. The instructor does steps that I've never seen before, and she does them quick! I have never felt so uncoordinated in my life!! I've adjusted though, FINALLY!!! Friday I take a 45 min. cycling class, that is really, really tough. The only way I get through it is positive self talk. If any ounce of negativity reaches my exhausted brain, I want to quit. I firmly believe that endurance is 60% mental. Two of these classes are taught by Meredith. She is so positive and motivating. It's so nice to have someone to look up to on a fitness level. This weekend she placed 3rd in the Danskin which is over 3,000 women competitors. She's my hero! But seriously, someday, I hope to be able to compete at that level. My race is coming up in July, and I'm soooo anxious, I can't stand it!!! ( ) I'm going to whip my time from last year. My partner and i are on just about the same level and I know we're going to do very well this year. Last year we ranked right smack dab in the middle of all the competitors, which means we were pretty dang average. This year I want to climb up to the top a little more.

Anyway, I need to go get ready, we have a dentist appointment in just a bit. Signing off.