Saturday, June 23, 2007

Photo Hunt - "Shiny"

I took this one of Ashley on our vacation at Dads last week. Ash came along for the ride while I was on a little bit of a personal photo hunt. I spied a fountain that I wanted to shoot at sunset, but as it turns out, the fountain was shaded a bit too much by the time I got out there. I found several other photo ops instead. Funny how that works sometimes. I was driving down the road when I saw how beautiful the sun was as it almost melted in to her her olive skin. We stopped right there in the middle of the road while I shot.

Thursday, June 21, 2007


So yeah, according to my bff, Mollie, I've been a ve-wwy, ve-wwy bad girl. I'm not the best at keeping up with everyone, and seemed to have left town, quit blogging and disappeared off the face of the playgroup/internet/Instant Messenger earth just long enough to get the one, maybe two people that have noticed a little out of sorts. I sorry. I'm alive. Trips to Nana and Big Daddy's tend to make the whole world just sort of disappear.

Mark's birthday was last week so we decided to celebrate by taking a week to relax and lounge by the lake with family. Cara and Keller, along with Cara's sister Erin, and 4 year old nephew Ethan came to spend the week as well. The week was just about as lazy and relaxing as we hoped it would be. Monday morning (as well as Wednesday and Thursday) I joined Dad for water areobics. This was my first experience with water areobics, and more importantly, my first time excercising with dad. I REALLY enjoyed myself! Everyone in the class is retired, and I'm pretty sure that aside from me, dad is the youngest one in the class. There's one lady that's 94 years old and gets around like you wouldn't believe. I'm just so amazed that dad gets up everyday and goes to this class....this is the same dad that, a year ago would have laughed at the thought of doing any sort of excercise. We are all so, so proud of him and even more so, we're thankful that he's doing this for his health and having fun at the same time.

Nana fed us like Nana tends to do. We're all about 5 pounds heavier and loving every minute of it! She made a Mississippi Mud Cake per Mark's request, that knocked our socks off, a triple chocolate cake...which I dubbed the "Dr. Suess cake" because it was so crooked that I seriously thought it was made that way intentionally. Personally, I think Dr. Suess cakes are MUCH tastier than plain ol' chocolate cake. Teehee. I could go on and on about all the incredible food we ate this week, but I'll probably gain 5 more pounds just rehashing it all, so I'll skip the details and just say that we ate way too often and way too much.

On Thursday we went to ZDT's and spent 5 hours running a muck with the kiddos. This place was incredible. I could have spent hours just looking at the painting on the walls. There is not an empty wall in the building, each one covered with detailed paintings that go with the jungle/amusement park theme. I took some pictures that I'll have to post later.

So we're home, and already going 90 MPH getting things back in order. Mark has been in the garage all day fixing up his work bench area and organizing shelves (yes, we have shelves!!!), while I'm trying to get caught up on yard work and laundry. Holy crap, laundry! I just can't believe that we actually wear this many clothes!!!!