Sunday, April 19, 2009

All work and no play makes Jamie a dull girl

Jumping on to post before Mark makes it home from the grocery store, which will begin the unloading and throwing together of dinner.

I'm so excited to see that I can now post via email and mobile phone!! This is good news because I know I'm good at the mobile thing, it's this sitting down and posting that seems to be difficult these days. We'll see.

Ashley had cheer uniform fittings on Thursday. This was the first time I've ever seen her in the whole cheer getup. She looked so cute, but wow! I had to make sure and ask for an additional 2 inches on the skirt. She is definitely her mother's daughter! Those legs seem to go on forever. She's 5'6" and about 90% legs.

This weekend was another "project" weekend. What else is new. We're in the midst of several projects but decided to put our efforts in to the basement this weekend. FYI, we've decided the new name for newly remodeled half of the basement will be "The Kid Crib". Initially, it was the kid cave, not to be confused with the other half of the basement, the Man Cave. Apparently, that wasn't cool enough, and Ashley modified to the final name, "The Kid Crib". I know it seems silly to have to name it, but as often as we're referring to that room, it needed a permanent name. It's been the "stinky room", "down under", "the 'other' room" among many other names I'm sure. So the room, yes, it is coming along beautifully! Saturday Mark and I hit it hard. Several weekends ago I ripped up the carpet and scrapped all the popcorn off the ceiling, removed the baseboards, primed the baseboards and primed the wrong side of the door. This weekend we primed the ceiling, window frames, door frames, and the correct side of the door. We painted the ceiling and walls a very light yellow to help open up the space since the ceilings are so low. Mark installed two new light fixtures along with all new outlets and covers. We haven't even begun the tile installation and already the room is completely transformed. The pale yellow was an excellent choice and we are very happy with our decision to continue the wall color on to the ceiling.

Today we took the kiddos out for a little geocaching in San Gabriel Park, and made a stop off to sign some life insurance papers on the way home. I have to say, the Geocaching has proven to be such an exciting activity to do with the kids. It's getting harder and harder for us all to do fun stuff together without spending a lot of money, since our interests vary so much these days. This is one thing we can ALL do and enjoy together, outside, which is one place we all enjoy to be. We found three treasures today, and both gets had the opportunity to guide us with the GPS. It was a gorgeous day, and could not have been better.

Next weekend Mark and I are going on a getaway with a group through the Rec. Center here in town. We're heading out Friday after work to Goose Island State Park near Rockport on the coast, where we'll camp until Sunday. I'm not exactly sure what all we have lined up, but I do know we'll be kyaking and fishing. (I'll have to make sure and take the GPS so we can get a little Geocaching in too!) The best part is that Mark and I will be sans kiddos. Love the little Urben's but by golly we're due for some adult time! It has been a VERY long time since we've had some time to ourselves.

I'm not counting on a post next weekend since we'll be gone most of it, but I'll make every effort to explore my new ability to post via my phone this week!