Monday, June 01, 2009

Poetry by Ashley

Ashley is 12. She's teetering on the edge of independence. Some days she leans a little towards us, others she pushes off with all her might. The days of her leaning on us are numbered, I know this. When she opens herself up to us, and allows us to see the amazing young lady she's becoming, we can't help but swell with pride. I really don't take enough time to document how beautiful a person she is. It's amazing all the emotions that come along with parenthood. They're everchanging and completely unpredictable. I had no idea that letting go little by little could be so rewarding. Watching this young lady grow before us is indescribable.

Today she came home with several poems in a poetry book from English class. They are all just beautiful, but I wanted to share two. The first one is a concrete poem entitled Midnight. It's written in the shape of a star. (See the picture below) Her teacher left her a note on the table of contents that says:

"Concrete poem was the best I've ever read. It is "publishable".

And here is the poem:

It's midnight when we all come out to play.
It's midnight. Half night, half day.
It's midnight. Dancing on the big black dance floor.
It's midnight. When we come knocking on your door.
It's midnight. When we all start beaming.
It's midnight. No one can see us....
You're all dreaming.

The next one is my favorite. Ashley has always had such a big heart. She read this to us at the dinner table for the first time tonight. Before she was done reading Mark and I glanced at each other, both with tears in our eyes.


I am peace.
I wonder when the fighting will end.
I hear children cry and the gunshots go off.
I see broken hearts and homes.
I want us all to get along.
I am peace.

I pretend to be what you believe.
I feel your pain and sorrow.
I touch the broken.
I worry for the human race.
I cry a sad song.
I am peace.

I understand that you have something to fight for.
I say nothing is worth this.
I dream that someday I'll be a part of life on your planet.
I try to let my voice be heard.
I hope you'll see that I am what's right