Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Big Sentences

Big Sentences!

Alex said his two longest sentences ever this past week. On Sunday we went out to dinner at Applebees. We were all done eating, and as always, Alex still had a full plate of Mac and cheese when it was time to go. The server came and took all of our plates, including Alex's. As he was walking away, Alex looked at the man as if he'd seen a ghost! His expression was priceless. After the immediate shock of someone taking his food away wore off his sweet little bottom lip began to stick out and his chin started to quiver. That quiver where you want to laugh and cry and hug him all at the same time because it's so cute yet so sad. He then looks over to me and says (now remember this is a little guy voice, and he has never said any sentence this long in his entire little 2 year life) "Mommy, why did that man take my plate away" My jaw all but hit the floor! We laughed so hard, and somehow managed to distract him from getting to upset with that "man".

Just yesterday, Alex and I were eating lunch together at the kitchen table. I was sitting accross from him and stood with my bowl to look at the kitchen calendar to see what was going on this week. As soon as I did so, Alex pointed his little crooked finger at me and shook it while saying his next longest sentence "No mommy, you sit down on your bottom now" followed by the "count". "Wooonnn, tooooooo, phreeeee"
THAT was priceless! I wonder where he got that line?

Monday, March 22, 2004

Spring is here

Spring is here!

The grass is turning green, trees are sprouting new leaves, the Bradford Pear trees are blossoming, and I actually saw Bluebonnetts a few days ago! Yay! Time for walks and parks, and sunshine, all the things that make me happy!

It's been well over a month since I last updated my journal, so much has changed! We just got home from spending Spring Break week in Alabama with Mark's Mother, Stepfather and Grandmother. I love visiting them so much, and always come home feeling motivated to make changes in my life. I see how his mother and stepfather treat each other and I see how pure their lives are and it really inspires me to be the best that I can be for my husband and my family. This trip was by far the best road trip we have ever taken with both kids, they did so well! Ashley was such a wonderful help with keeping Alex occupied that I did not have to climb in the back even ONCE! Round trip is over 24 hours, so that was a major accomplishment!

A few weeks ago I informed Jess that I could no longer keep Nicholas. I absolutely hated having to do that, but I really had no choice. Keeping 2 infants (even just part time), really puts a strain on my time to focus on Alex. I was guilt ridden most everyday about negleting my son...the whole reason I intended to stay home in the first place! I got in over my head and had to re-evaluate what my goals were. I realized that no matter how much I was getting paid, it was not worth the sacrafice I was having to make. I feel so much better knowing that I made the right decision, even if it does mean that I "gave up".

My neighbor and friend just bought a childrens consignment store here in town, and I am just THRILLED about that! Opening a consignment store has always been something that I dreamed of doing, so now I'm able to actually see first hand if it's something I'd really be interested in doing myself. She has invited me to come up most any day to work with her for a few hours each day, and offered to put me on the payroll. I don't think I'll be going up there that often, and definitely won't be letting her put me on the payroll, but I did tell her that I'd be willing to come in and lend a hand whenever possible.

That's all for now, I have to get myself a shower before the day begins!