Sunday, March 01, 2009


The newest smile in the Urben household:

And the note we had to leave for the tooth fairy, since Alex managed to misplace his tooth. For the record, the kid can write much neater than this, promise, he just chooses not to. I suppose it's a boy thing.

I was really looking forward to him having a silly lisp once both front teeth were gone, but nooooo, he doesn't sound different at all. I even tried getting him to say "sister susie sittin on a thistle" but nothing. Oh well, what we're missing out on with the silly lisp, we're making up for in cuteness. Just look at that smile. He's just so precious.

A few nights later, he got all ready for bed and was so proud to show us that he had his clothes all laid out for the next day of school, and here is what we walk in to find:

Notice he's even "drawing" a picture with his oversized pencil. Silly goose! This kid is a constant source of laughter and entertainment.