Friday, June 23, 2006

Summer Happenings

I am having SUCH a hard time updating lately. I will do my best to make up for the past few months in this post.

It's already the END OF JUNE! How did this happen??

Miss Ash got out of school on May 28th, and within two days we were on our first vacation of the summer. We met Nana and Big Daddy in Tulsa where we spent one night at a local casino. The next morning we made the two hour trek to Arakansas where we spent the next 4 days in the gorgeous Ozark mountains at Devils Den State Park. It was one of the best vacations we've had together. We spent a lot of time just being 'together'. We fished and hiked, rented a paddle boat and a few canoes, played catch, and spent some time inside the cabin just hanging out playing games. Alex learned to cast a full size fishing pole, and is a PRO at it now. (I actually think he can cast farther than me) They caught several fish between the two of them, and on the last day we were there, they both caught a huge snapping turtle. It was at least 2 feet long with a huge fat tail and long creepy claws. The look on their faces when their poles bent in half was priceless! Alex caught him first, and within minutes Ash caught him, and then a few minutes later he was BACK on Ashley's line again. This was clearly not a very bright turtle. It sure did make for some good stories though. Alex's first day back at school, he elaborately told his turtle story while all of his little friends listened with wide eyes. It was adorable!
Our trip was rejuvenating to say the least. We've decided that Devils Den will be a regular spot for us. I'd really love to make it a family reunion spot for both of our families, especially since it's so close to Grannie Frannie and Papa Jack.

The following week Ashley, Savannah and Kell went to spend the week with Nana and Big Daddy at the lake. During the day, they attended a nature camp and in the evenings they were able to spend time with Nana and Big Daddy. They had so much fun that week, I don't think they were ready to come home when they did.
The next week Ash attended Dr. John's Sports Center Camp, and of course Savannah and Kell were signed up too. They did all sorts of fun activities and are anxious to go back in a few weeks.

Mark and I have spent a lot of time getting our house in shape to sell. We've decluttered a LOT and have even taken quite a few loads over to the new house. We spent last Saturday trimming the trees at the new house. HOLY SCHMOLLY that was a lot of work, we spent about 6 hours trimming and we're not even half done. I guess that's the price you pay for having such beautiful trees!
We put our house on the market this past Saturday and had a showing on Wed., Thursday, and one more today. I have such mixed feelings right now. I am so thrilled to be able to move in to such a wonderful house so close to mom and to be able to stay home again, but this house is home, and I just can't imagine not living here. The kids have so many friends on our little street, I will miss sitting on the front porch watching them play together. I took some video of them all piled up in Alex's Gator riding down the street squirting their water guns at the invisible bad guys. It was so precious. I just hope we can capture those memories forever.
Despite what we are leaving, we are moving to something wonderful. The choice we have made is a good one, and I know that. That Gator will now drive down the street to moms, and I will be able to sit on the porch and watch more now than ever because I will be where I should be, at home. I'm so anxious to get back home. I really feel that I belong there. Two parents working full time jobs, with children of any age, is just too much stress on a family. We deserve more, our kids deserve more. And I am overjoyed that I have the opportunity to do exactly what I want.

This weekend we're going to visit Nana and Big Daddy FINALLY!! With all that we have going on this summer this may be the only opportunity that we have to spend some time with them. We JUST bought the brand new Jet Ski, and poor Mark has been chomping at the bit to get out on it. I doubt I'll see much of him this weekend. lol

Last night the kids and I went with Brian, Paula, Kell, and Savannah to a Round Rock Express game. Mark had already planned a poker game at the house so he wasn't able to come. The weather was great, we had a nice breeze and it wasn't too hot. The kids really had a good time. It was really all about the food and friends. They had hot dogs, peanuts, cracker jacks, cotton candy and soda. I don't think they even watched a full minute of the game! Hehe! That's ok though, it was all about having fun. Paula is so sweet, she had all the kids over to spend the night last night, including Alex. His FIRST sleepover. It amazes me how well the girls and Alex get along, despite the 5 year age gap. Those girls just love him to pieces.

That was the past month in a nutshell. I will try to post picutres in my down time this weekend at Dads.