Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Days of New

I've started a new job. This is my first time to work full time in about 9 years. I am LO-VING my new job. I don't mourn my loss of being home with the kids as I anticipated that I would. From the moment I got the call for the interview I was ready. There's something about being home with children that can take care of themselves (for the most part) that makes you feel a bit stagnant. It was wearing on me. That, and the one income. Thank you Mark for stepping in and saying "It's time". He had no idea how "time" it was.

I'm enjoying this next phase of our lives. Tired? Extremely. I will adjust. (won't I?) I enjoy waking up knowing I have a purpose...a place where I would be greatly missed if I overslept.

A buddy of Mark's came to poker last week and asked me "arent' you a little overqualified for this job?" Yeah, maybe so, but I LIKE it. I like staying busy, having multiple tasks to tend to throughtout the day and people that expect me to do certain key tasks each day. I LIKE it. So yes, I'm over-qualified to be an office manager, but I can see myself waking up and doing this job for years. Crazy, I know. I am challenged. I'm not doing what I've done for the past 14 years, but I'm ok with that. I drive 13 minutes to work each day, make a decent paycheck and I'm off by 4 to be home with the kids. I'm good. All is good.