Friday, June 29, 2007


I'm typically a label reader. When I grocery shop I try to compare calories, sodium, sugar, etc., as often as possible. Most days though, I have to admit, I'm rushing in, grabbing my goods and getting out as fast as possible. Lastnight I discovered that I've been in a rush when I've thrown Veggie Chips in my basket. After reading the label for the first time, I have to admit, I'm slightly irritated. The only reason they can call these colored potato chips "Veggie Chips" is because they contain tomato powder and spinich powder, which happen to be two of the last three ingredients. And keep reading the bag and you'll soon find that "We add spinach and tomato powder to some (did ya read that...some) of the chips for a delightful variety of genuine vegetable color and taste."

Ok, so lets move on to the nutrition facts. For giggles, lets compare them to Lays Original Potato Chips.

Serving Size is 1 oz for both products.
Lets hit the negatives for Lays first. Lays has 20 more calories per serving and 3 grams more fat. Veggie Chips have 1g more Protein and 1g more fiber. Move on to Sodium and Veggie Chips have a whopping 280mg of sodium vs. Lays' 180mg. That was a bit surprising to me. Even more surprising is the lack of vitamins and minerals in my "Veggie Chips". (Remember Potatos are considered veggies) The Vitamin section of Veggie Chips reads 0% all the way through, while Lays has at least some Vitamin C and E. We're also getting a little Iron, Thiamin, Niacin, B6, Phosphorus, and Magnesium by going with Lays.

Ok, so this isn't that big of a deal, because typically we aren't big chip eaters but dang it if I'm buying chips, from now on, I'm going straight for the good stuff.

After the rain

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Down came the rain

I guess this is what happens when an entire state prays for rain for 2 years. We have had more rain than I can ever remember having in the Austin area.
In 2006, there was 27.2 inches of rain at Austin-Bergstrom International Airport. That's the ENTIRE year. This year we are already up to 30 inches and there's plenty more rain on the way. It's almost July and most people have YET to water their yard for the first time. I could not have picked a better year to plant trees!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

And THIS is why I blog

After posting this weeks Photo Hunters picture I was reminded of an entry posted back in 2003. An entry that I had forgotten about...a memory that had I not blogged would not be with me today. Here's a little piece of the past I'd like to share once again...

Thursday, October 02, 2003
Please Remember

I can document Ashley and Alex's childhood in so many ways, but no matter what I do, there is no way I can capture it all. This is something that plagues my mind often. There are so many moments that I remember from Ashley's toddler years, yet so many that I know are just gone. They remain a part of me though, despite my inability to remember. The memories live on in the love I have for her, with each passing memory, my love has grown fonder, my heart bigger, and my life richers. If only I could document each moment.

Lastnight, on the way to horseback riding lessons I turned around in my seat to look back at the kiddos, I don't remember why, maybe to hand them a snack, or to look at one of Ashley's Magna Doodle masterpieces, or to calm Alex, it doesn't matter. I looked back and caught a glimpse of my sweet daughter, I wish I had a camera at that very moment. The sun was beginning to set, she was excited about seeing Patches (the horse), and was leaning forward in her seat with such an innocent way about her, as if there was nothing else in the world but that moment, staring down the dirt road at the barn. The sun was setting behind us, and the way it hit her face was breathtaking. The deep orange wrapped around her face like a blanket covering an infant, so sweet, so precious. I had the windows down to let in the new fall breeze, it was so beautiful outside, her hair blew in the wind with such precision, as if each gust was meant for her, and only her. Ah, what a sight! I couldn't look long though, I was driving down a dirt road with many potholes and turns. The irony hit me like a ton of she is in this wonderful stage of life, she's still momma's little girl and is still very proud of that fact, so beautiful, and even a little innocent..still, yet there are so many potholes, there's no way I can watch her like this forever. This seven year old is just a passing glimpse, I need to look at her and take it all in more often, even if that means pulling over and every once in a while.



Leavin' on a jet plane

Yesterday, we finalized plans for the kiddos to stay an extra week at Granny Frannies after Mark and I head home. My babies will fly home by themselves afterwards, which is a little scary for me, but I know they'll be fine and Miss Ashley will probably morph in to her "mom mode" and take good care of her little brother.

This is such a big deal to me. I never had a close relationship with any of my grandparents, and the thought of them growing up being so loved and wanted by ALL of their grandparents makes me so happy. They will spend plenty of time with them while Mark and I are around, but without us there, they will be able to experience each other on a different level, a closer level. The kids can hardly contain themselves. And Mark and I feel so fortunate that our kiddos are growing up knowing these special people.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday

Alex woke up on Father's Day, and without any prompting or proding by me, he created a sweet little hand made card for his "fother". Daddy had to run a quick errand, so Alex worked as fast as he could so that he could surprise his daddy as soon as he got home. This is just the most adorable stage. It really brings back so many memories of when Ashley was this age and how much fun it was to see the inventive spelling words that they come up with. It's just so raw and unscathed by all the silly rules of the English language. It's virtually impossible to read a 5 year olds handwriting without a smile...followed by a swooping bear hug and a gooshey smothering of kisses upon that last little leftover bit of toddler cheek chub.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Another site for the linkaroonies

I forgot to mention my new Photo Blog. This is where I will post my fun pictures that I've taken while pursuing my photography hobby. Not to be confused with my Web Album, which is where I will continue to post pictures of family events to share.

Vacation Album

Week at Nana and Big Daddy's