Thursday, September 14, 2006

Ashley's Birthday part TWO

Holy guacamole I’m going to barf. Night before last I typed up a super long entry about Ash’s birthday bash, with tons of pictures ta boot. Guess where it is now, dunno you say, it’s in nasty ol cyber heaven. Just as I was finishing up adding the last few photos (which by the way, takes an ETERNITY) my most prized possession, my laptop, went kaput. Just beeped at me and went black. Buh bye, no warning at all. Soooo, now I need to see if I can do a little deja vouis (or however that’s spelled) and rewrite history…yet again.

Friday after school I walked Ash and 6 of her brand spankin new Geortownian friends home from school. I met them in the back of the school and I have to say, as they walked towards me, with each step, I felt older and older…these girls are NOT little girls. They’re the kind with bras and shaved legs. What the heck happened??? Do they serve up hormones in Georgetown or WHAT!? Despite their size, they were very sweet, mostly innocent girls that I am soooo glad that Ashley has befriended. I’m especially excited about them because most of their parents are overprotective and told me this was their first sleepover. Holy crapolie! Now we’re talking! I actually got the third degree from one mom. I think she actually had a list of questions in front of her when she called. Good… Crazy, but good. Do we have guns, do we have siblings, how old are they, do we have dogs, what kind etc. Great questions, logical questions, but a first for me. Anywho, back to after school. So I walked them to our house they explored our house, walked around in our garden tub, jumped on my bed a bit and then went to the basement to sing a little Karaoke. At some point we did a craft…I took a picture of each of them with Ashley and they glued it to a foam frame like backing and decorated it with all kinds of cutesy little stuff. It was definitely a hit. At some point Nana and Grams showed up.  It was soooo nice to have them here! After we all ate pizza, we did cake and presents. The karaoke machine was handy when it came time to sing Happy Birthday. Pretty sure the neighbors heard that one. Presents were awesome, of course. Lots of littlest pets. That’s Ashley’s latest craze, they’re pretty cute I must admit. The girls played “telephone” and did some more silly girl stuff until it was dark. Then we broke out the glow sticks and these silly little mouthpiece glow thingees. We went out in the front yard, and those girls had so much fun! They wore themselves out pretty good. By the time they were done with that, they were in desperate need of another sugar rush, so we did do-it-yourself sundaes. Complete with nuts, cherries, chocolate sauce, caramel, and whipped cream. That went over well.
By then I didn’t have much left in me, so I grabbed the boy (who was 100% a part of all the festivities up until bedtime…sweet sissy!), told the girls to go to bed and Mark, Alex and I crawled in to bed. By this time it’s about 12:30. We didn’t last 15 minutes and we were out.

The next morning sweet daddy cooked eggs, bacon and sausage for breakfast tacos and Nana made pancakes. 11:00 rolled around pretty quick and before we new it the house was empty. Messy, but empty. All in all, the party could not have gone better. Ashley has really made some great friends in the short time that she’s been here. Several have already offered for her to come spend the night. She’s overwhelmed with the number of people who are anxious to have her over. This is good. Her birthday was good. Our girl is now 10 years old and starting a whole new chapter of her life. I’m anxious to see the next 10 years unfold. 

Pictures will come as soon as I get my laptop problems figured out...errrr, as soon as Mark does. :)

Monday, September 11, 2006

5 years later

Five years later, life has gone on, but it will never, ever be quite the same. So many lives lost, so many dreams shattered, so many freedoms lost.

Today my heart goes out to all those affected by the tragedy of the September 11th, 2001 attacks. I know their pain is fresh today, and their wounds have been opened once again. I hope that the media is gentle today, and those who are hurting, can do so in peace.