Friday, March 17, 2006

Never growin up!

Alex stayed home from school with me yesterday and today. Yesterday he had a sore throat, and a low fever, and today he was probably ok to go to school, but we went ahead and stayed home anyway. We really have had such a wonderful time together. I sure miss being with him all day, and I think somewhere inside him, he does too. On our way home from the bank today Alex tells me (once again) how he never wants to grow up. He wants to always be a kid. He doesn't want to be tall, and he never wants to move away from our house. Then he says
"Momma, someone needs to take a picture of you."
Momma: Really? Why is that?
Alex: "So when I grow up and I'm not with you I can look at you when I think of you and when I miss you."

Monday, March 13, 2006

Silly lil Alex qoutes

We were visiting dad last weekend when Buddy decided to show Alex who was dominant in the little guy world. I never actually saw the incident, but Alex told me alllll I needed to hear... In a little Alex laughing voice "MOMMA, MOMMA, aww, Buddy was hugging my leg like a little child."

At dinner the other night Alex was horrible. Bouncing all over the place, not eating, same old Alex as usual, but worse. Daddy had been pushed over the edge (as was I) "ALEX, SIT STILL AND EAT, NOOOOWWWW I'M TIRED OF IT!" Alex put on his pouty face and says in a weepy voice, "but I can't help it Daddy, my body is just wild."

Same dinner..."Momma, what's a manager?" (From watching Spongebob) I gave my best definition and Ash responds with "Alex, you know daddy is a manager?" Alex: "!Oh Cool....does that mean momma is a girl-ager?"

Spring is in the air!

Wow what a gorgeous weekend it was! Now I'm starting to remember why I'm so much happier during the sunny months. I forgot what it was like to enjoy the outdoors. Mark and I did yard work all day Saturday, he planted 4 O'leander bushes outside the kitchen window in the side yard. It will be so much nicer to sit at the kitchen table and see more than the neighbors red brick. It will also give us a little more privacy, from their two windows that face our house. He also planted a Mountain Laurel. Yippeee! I finally got a Mountain Laurel (or two)! I've been wanting to plant one since before we ever moved in. Those suckers are expensive! 5 gal. for $25! It will be worth it though. I just LOVE the blooms that come in the spring. I'm hoping we'll get to see a few within the next couple of weeks, but I'm not counting on it this year. Steve is in town for the week, and David and Cara were in town for the weekend. It's so nice to have family over. The kids just LOVE when their uncles come to visit. Looks like David and Cara MAY have come up with a name for my new nephew who will be here in just 3 short months. They might have taken Blaze off the list (no comment- until after this baby is named!) and replaced it with Keller Rocket. David is a nut. I get the feeling that once this baby starts to live up to his name, they're going to wish they named him something more like Keller Devine, or Kellar Sleepswell. That's ok, no matter what they name him, he WILL take after David and keep them on their toes indefinitely, much to Dad and Ruthie's delight. :)

On the Urben kidfront...Ashley is on Spring Break all week, (nice coincidence that uncle Steve is in town) and will be going camping with Ciara on Thursday. No big plans other than that. I'm hoping to get a day off, maybe Wednesday, to spend with her. I'll probably take Alex to school late and just hang out with my girl.