Monday, September 10, 2001

Oh my!

This was an interesting day! This morning Mark left at 6:30 to leave for Vegas on business. I woke with some unusual braxton hicks contr. and put them off all morning. I got to work and nothing had changed, so I called the dr. They had me come in at 1:30 to be checked. DR. Blumhagen examined me and OH MY GOSH, I was dialated 1cm. So they hooked me up to the monitor and discovered that I was having regular contractions. From there they sent me to Labor and Delivery, where I was actually admitted and monitored until about 5:30. They ended up giving me 2 shots of terbutaline to stop the contractions, which helped some. At 5:30 they discovered I was still at 1cm, so all was clear for me to go home! Poor Mark, I think he was a bit freaked after he called from Vegas to check on me!