Thursday, April 14, 2005

Just an update

This year we spent Easter at my dads. The long weekend was soo nice. Alex came down with Hand Foot and Mouth, which has been no fun for the poor little guy. His Hands feet, bottom and mouth are all covered in little blisters. From the moment i saw the blisters I knew what it was. He came down with this last year, so this time I decided not to fork over the $15 co-pay for a dr. to tell me that my son has Hand Foot and Mouth and there is nothing I can do about it. That's ok, right? I know Alex is ok, and I guess second guessing my decisions is all part of being a mom.

Mom is looking and feeling so much better these days. Slowly but surely her body is recovering from the year of chemo. She tells Ash that her goal is to race up the street like they always use to love to do. How many grandmas RACE their 7 year old granddaughter in a full sprint? I don't think she'll ever stop running.

Mary Kay is going pretty well. Every week I sell at least a little. I'm so anxious to move away from selling to my circle of family and friends though. I held a drawing for a Satin Hands set up at the children's consignment shop that was very successful. I had 11 entries and gained 3 new customers from it. I plan on doing that every other month. This will really help me in my mission to start migrating away from selling to familly and friends. I actually have my first appointment with a complete stranger today. She's the winner of the Satin Hands set, and I've only ever talked to her on the phone. She'll have a friend with her, so the pressure may not be high. I'm very nervous, yet excited to get my feet wet. I'll have to update on how that went later