Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hoppy Easter

It always gives me a little giggle to post for the first time after a lengthy hiatus. I see my last post and my thoughts turn silly, I imagine myself frozen in time, as if nothing has happened since that last post. Alex is still laying in bed smiling up at the camera with his toothless grin, with anxious anticipation of the fortunes he'll wake up to in the morning, Ashley is still in her room with the music turned up way to loud for bed time, and Mark groaning at me for taking too many pictures when all he wants to do is hit the sack.

Fortunately, time has not stood still, even if Alex's smile remains the same. We've been busy little bees with the basketball, volleyball, track, football, cheerleading and so on. We made our annual spring break trip to Alabama, which was sooo nice and much too short. And here I sit at Nana's kitchen counter, on Easter, making time to blog. I could say that I "finally found some time to blog", but truth be told, I probably could have found the time to blog all along, I just haven't found it to be at the top of my priority list. The ever changing priority list...what ever would I do without it. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I haven't THOUGHT about blogging regularly, and it's not as though the big grey cloud of guilt hasn't been chasing me around like a loyal little nagging puppy. Truthfully, blogging has MADE the priority list, it's just had a hard time making its way to the top. Which brings me to my next thought. HOW, oh HOW can I keep this thing up to date, without pushing something down on that ever so important priority list. I've decided that for the sake of those few family members that are pretty much ready to disown me, that I will update at least once a week. I may not be creative, or interesting, or thought provoking, but I will update with SOMETHING at least once a week. Some weeks I may update with a "week in pictures post" or even a "picture of the week" post, but it will be something. Afterall, I'd hate to have to find a new family to adopt me. :)