Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday...Earthy Kids

Sunday was Earth Day. Ashley had Savannah and Kel over, so it was a full house. We did an earth day craft, talked about saving resources, not littering, etc. We actually spent a good portion of the day focussing on Earth Day topics, and much to my surprise the kids were telling ME about what they could do to conserve and be less wasteful. I was impressed. The kiddos did their part by picking up trash at the city park where we found some interesting trash items. We had a contest, who could come up with the biggest, smallest and strangest piece of trash. I think Savannah won for strangest, biggest and smallest. She found a rusted out paint can, a piece of confetti...a LOT of confetti and several beer bottles. I was surprised at the amount of twist ties I found. I figure it was probably from loafs of bread that were taken to the park to feed the ducks. Strange. It was a good day, and the kiddos and I had some wonderful time together at the park. Check out the pictures from our day:

Earth Day

Monday, April 23, 2007

Photo Hunt "Steps"

My three favorite sets of girl feet. Oh the fun these feet have had together. So fresh and young and full of life. I wonder what the future holds for these favorite feet of mine.