Friday, December 16, 2005

La Petite Update

It's FRIDAY!!! Yahoo! I have super news on this fabulous Friday. Bribery WORKS! Alex went all week without crying when I dropped him off. I am SO proud of him! Lets see if we can continue the bribe in to next week and possibly start a routine of smiles! :)

Updated Blog

I just got done transferring some old Blog entries from my old Blog. I've been needing to do that for quite some time. Yahoo, one more thing to check off my to do list. :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Dads Retirement Party

I have been so anxious to post about the party, but held off in fear that dad might actually read my blog. Ruthie did such a good job of keeping it a secret that dad never even suspected it. Everyone arrived around 1:00, and at about 2:00 Ruthie gathered everyone around to say a few words of about all that we are thankful for, and announce the "real" reason for the party. Dad was definitely surprised. I think it took a while for it to acutally sink in. Poor dad. He told Ruthie long ago that there would be NO PARTY. Ruthie announced that "she" was not having a retirement party, but that "he" was. Dad responded with "no we're not, it's a Christmas Party" Haha! Of course, dad is dad, and his response was to be expected. It was a wonderful party full of people that my dad has probably spent most of his life with. I wasn't surprised to see that he was well liked by his coworkers, some of which probably know him better than I do. I'm so thankful that we were able to show him that his dedication and hard work has really made a difference in so many lives. His work ethic has been a major influence in my life, and it will pass on to my children and become a defining part of our family values indefinitely. It was a beautiful day for us all.

Here are some pictures of the cake I made for dad: