Friday, July 13, 2007

Hello from the INSIDE

Ok, sorry, uncle Ed came to pick us up and I had to go...This is part 2 from the last post, so if you haven't read the Fredricksburg post, you might want to read it first.

So we've checked the doors, we've checked the windows, at least three times each, as if that next time we checked, one would miraculously be unlocked, all the while, hoping and praying that these neighbors are NOT watchful. The last thing we need now is a police scene. (Or maybe that would help?) Anyway, at one point Nana went around the house one way to once again RE-check the doors and the kids and I went the other to RE-check another door. No such luck. We round the corner from the front of the house to find Nana with a pice of door trim in her hand, the other end still attached to the house and she is pulling with everything she has. (Mom adrenaline??) Ashley and I give each other a look while we consider the fact that Nana may very well have lost her mind, and Ashley says "Nana, ummm, I don't think that's a very good idea." I'm too shocked to even speak...NANA is disassembling the friggin house! This has been a LOOONG day, and at that point I'm really beginning to consider that I might just be dreaming, because I certainly don't FEEL like this could possibly be happening. Could we really be awake? Could Nana really be breaking and entering while Alex stands here half naked laughing? Not likely. But certainly happening. I'm beginning to stress, to really stress. The kids think this is just a funny scene out of a sitcom while Nana and I get more and more irritated with each breath they take. Alex is whacking Nana on the rear while she yanks at this trim and miss Ash is going through possible scenarios as to how we'll end up sleeping outside.

So we bang, and tug and jiggle at the handle to no avail. Eventually, Nana is able to pry loose the left side of the entire door frame inward while I try jimmying the deadbolt on the opposite side. Not working. Nana continues pushing the door in, ramming it and working with the deadbold and finally, something comes over her and I can hear a new sort of determination in her voice... the kids yapping probably contributed to the new found determination. So she turns around and tells me..."Ok, Jamie, give it all you've got, just slam through." I'm still unsure about all this, so after a brief sanity check I decide to give another big ram...I think at this point Nana realizes that if this door is going to come open, she's going to have to be the one to do it. She rams it once, twice, three times and BAM! We have lift off. The door flies open, and we are now officially criminals. Nana busted through the friggin deadbolt! Nana! A DEADBOLT! Somewhere a wee bit to the East, it WAS Friday the 13th, but not here! We still had at least 15 minutes before our luck was supposed to go bad.

But we did save the small incident of knocking the blinds out of the window for a few minutes AFTER midnight. This house is trying to cough us up, isn't it?

Hello from Fredricksburg

We made it! Yesterday was a looong day, but finally, we're here and settled. Nana, the kids and I are staying at a beautiful home in Fredricksburg, about three miles from Unlce Bill and Aunt Alicia's home. The house we're in belongs to friends of Bill and Alicia. I'm still just in complete awe of their generosity in allowing us to stay here. They left town, JUST so we cold come visit and have full use of their home. These are people from Bill and Alicia's chuch, whom we've never even met. I am definitely touched by their graciousness.

Now that there's a clear picture in your mind of how careful we're trying to be in this amazing family's home, I will go on. No cups on wood surfaces, food and drink only in the kitchen. Our goal is to leave this house the way we found it. Right? So lastnight after dinner and some catching up with Bill and Alicia, Bill drops us off at the house around 10:30pm. Needless to say we are BEAT. It had been a very long day, and I could only think of one thing...BED. Ashley and Nana give us a tour of the house, we meet the dog, Diamond, put our suitcases in the appropriate rooms and begin to get ready for bed. Sissy let Alex use one of her shirts for PJ's, which is a very special thing for Mr. A. He's running around in an oversized shirt, mostly ready for bed. I'm in my night clothes. By now it's afer 11, probably closer to 12. Ash is still just as excited as can be about this house and wants to show us the backyard and the deck. Reluctantly, I sleepily strolled out to the deck, Nana and Alex following. BAM! The back door closes. The back door is locked. The front door is locked. In fact every door and window is locked. Here we are barefoot, in our jammies, after 11pm, outside in a completely unfamiliar place with nothing. Not even a phone. Not even a phone NUMBER. HO-LY....

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So sexy it huuurrrts

Mom just sent me this pic. from a few months ago. I'm so proud. This is me after a day of trimming oaks. Unfortunately, due to Oak Wilt, every branch we trim must be sprayed with pruning spray (ie: TAR!). Hmmm...wonder whoose job that was?? Sadly, it took Mark laughing his a$$ off before I even realized I was downwind. I was covered..arms, face, neck, HAIR!!! COVERED. I ran inside and scrubbed only to discover I was scarred for life and no amount of scrubbing was going to remove my new friends. I had no idea what to do what do I do? What any girl would do. I hopped in the truck drove the around the block to moms. I showed up at her door almost in tears begging for HELP.

Aaand she laughed.
Aaand she took pictures.
Aaand she laughed some more.
Aaand I felt like a complete moron.
Several different concoctions later, I was free from my new friends and coated in a very thick layer of baby oil.