Wednesday, September 05, 2001

9 weeks to go!

I can't believe we've come so far! Mark and I had our first lamaze class 1 week ago. I think we are both going to learn a lot together. If anything, I know we'll get to spend some quality time together focussing on each other and having some good times together. Mark is going to be a wonderful coach! I guess I've always known he would be, but seeing him in action, gets me so anxious to experience all the amazing moments of childbirth and parenthood with him. I am soooo lucky that life has dealt me so many wonderful cards!

Tuesday, September 04, 2001

Alex's Room

Alex's room is just about done! Mark finished the Pergo about 2 weeks ago. He did a super job! It is sooo cute! We finally got the crib, playpen and glider in the room. All we need now is the changing table/dresser. We bought it on Saturday from the unfinished furniture store, and now were waiting for it to ge finished. Can't wait to put it in our baby boy's room and fill it with precious little clothes!