Saturday, February 17, 2007

Photo Hunters #5 "Antique"

This morning when I popped in to see what the theme for the week was, I thought this one was going to take me a while. Within a few minutes I remembered my recent trip to Jason's house and the photos I took. He's moving and I was there to help him pack and take pictures of furniture for him to sell on Craigslist. For the memory bank, I decided to take a photo of an old chair that we grew up with. Even though I was certain this one was going straight to the trash, I KNEW there had to be a reason I was taking that picture! I despised this chair, even back then it was old and ugly. This theme has made me realize that I need to call up mom and find out where this chair came from, I have to know its history. I'm not sure I'm ready for Jason to trash it. (I cannot believe I just typed that) Here's the green chair that I hated through out my childhood, but now have decided I kind of like in some sort of sentimental grotesque way:

Friday, February 16, 2007

New one for the Link-a-roonies

A friend of mine posted this link on one of my message boards today. This site is full of pictures with English mistakes that appear in Japanese advertising and product design. This is definitely one for the Link-a-Roonies. Engrish

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Some pictures from our Valentines Day:
This is Alex's Valentine holder that we made together. Alex learned how to fold "accordian style"!

Alex squared checkin out Valentines together at our playgroups party.

Meatloaf and mashed taters. Grams and Pops came over to eat some Valentine grub with us.

Yes, those are pink taters.

This lady ROCKS!

On my way home from our playgroups Valentine Party today, I noticed this van speed past me with something written across the side window. After reading only the first line, (she was SO FAST!) I knew I had to catch this van and read the rest of the message. I put the pedal to the metal, my spedometer reaching almost 90 mph, with Alex in the back seat chanting "FASTER MOMMA, FASTER!" So FINALLY, I catch this speed demon so I can finally finish reading what I started....Thankfully, we were on our way from the party so I happend to have my camera in the seat next to me.

Holy Guacamole, is it just me, or is that lady holding up a gas station bottle of wine!!????

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


I was supposed to have my Mark back after midnight sometime tonight. Looks like no hubby for me until at least Friday. :(

Mister JetBlue says:

**Due to a winter weather system in the Northeast, some JetBlue flights to and from New York City (JFK, LaGuardia, Stewart and Newark, NJ), Boston, Washington D.C. and Upstate New York (Rochester and Buffalo) may be delayed or cancelled. Please check the status of your flight online.**

Jamie says: FRABINASTER!

Wordless Wednesday # 5

See Valentine post below.

Happy Valentines Day My Love!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

His other siblings...

Feeding the dog is Alex's job. I didn't realize that we were almost out of dog food this evening, so as I'm cooking dinner I hear little guy yell "There's not enough dog food!" I yell back "Ok, ok, don't worry about it, I'll divy it up in a minute!" I hear a faint 5 year old mumble in the distance, some kibbles fall and turn my attention back to the little guy talking to the 105 pound Dudley, "Ok, Dudley, now don't forget to share."

February 13, 2007

A few things for the memory bank that I saw today:

Alex icing heart shaped cookies, and then pouring (not to be confused with sprinkling) sprinkles on top.
Ashley's heartshaped tin full of colorful cupcakes to be delivered to her class...and then the afterthought that items with no nutritional value are not allowed at school. OOPS. I secretly hope they make it back home. At least a few. ;)
Alex filling his Valentine goodie bags for all of his friends.
Alex's filling out his very first Valentine cards.
Two sweet kiddos playing together like best friends. The excitement of Valentines Day can do wonders!
My pajamas...that I stayed in ALLLL day long. I knew there had to be SOMETHING positive about Mark being in New York.
Mark's Valentine. I've probably watched it 20 times by now. It just makes me so warm inside when I see my strong, sturdy husband in such vulnerable, precious ways. He IS so amazing, and I finally found a way to convey that to him. Finally. I love him so.

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Monday, February 12, 2007

Taking The Long Way - WoooHooo!

Dixie Chicks went five for five lastnight at the Grammy Awards winning Album of the Year, Record of the Year and Song of the Year, as well as Best Country Album and Best Country Performance By a Duo or Group.
Yahooo!!! They did it!!

February 20th Shut Up and Sing comes out on DVD.

Here's the trailer:

Sunday, February 11, 2007


It's only Sunday morning, but my weekend just officially ended. Markypoo just left for New York. I'm sad. I miss him already. Three days was just not enough.

Lastnight we went on our Valentines Date to see Making Love in Public at the Dougherty Arts Center I have mixed reviews on the performance. If you can get past the stinch of body odor from half of the two man show, it was mildly entertaining. This romantic comedy portrays 5 couples thoughts and experiences at a relationship retreat. It was sweet, it was funny, it was a reminder of how normal our reltionships really are. The two cast members did an incredible job playing all 10 roles, but the message was not profound. Good, but not profound. Ultimately, we didn't go to watch some smashing performance, we went to be together, to sit in the same room, interlock arms and just enjoy a little adult entertainment. That alone was worth far more than the twenty bucks we spent on tickets.

I miss you Mark.