Saturday, August 30, 2008

School and then some

Yes, I'm still here. Nope, I'm not too soggy from swimming to sit my toukus down and blog... more on that further down. School started on Monday, and our schedules are slowly getting back to "normal"...whatever that may be. They are both very happy to be back at school, although they certainly wouldn't complain if they had just a wee bit more time to sleep in and enjoy the nothingness of summertime. We met all of their teachers...Ash has 9, YES 9 teachers that we met at open house, and Alex has a sweetheart of a teacher whom he has really taking a liking to. On Thursday, Miss Ash turned 12 years old, and on the same day, learned that she made the 7th grade Volleyball team. She is just thrilled as can be. She's finally old enough for school sports! We've waited a long time for this, and can't wait for it to begin. This fall we'll be busy with Volleyball, and then Basketball shortly thereafter, and meanwhile, we're also waiting on Alex's flag football season to begin. I signed him up a few weeks ago, and he's anxiously awaiting the phone call from his coach.

I'm working about 6 hours a day, and currently I'm on a project that requires more than 6 hours a day, so I'm working from home in the afternoon/evenings. It's certainly a busy time for us.

On the not so soggy toukus front..The pool is STILL not complete, believe it or not. We're still waiting on the decking to be poured, at which time we'll begin building the retaining wall and deciding what on earth to do with the dirt we had them leave behind. For now it makes a great playscape for the dogs. Abby has made it crystal clear that SHE is the Queen of the HIll.
The pool, better known as the muddy puddle, is still not completely full, not for lack of water pressure, but lack of contractors living up to their promises. For two weeks now, we've had it 3/4 full. For two weeks now, we've been collecting leaves, mud, mosquito larvae and at least 50 different types of bacteria. Our last promise was that we'd have our concrete poured on Friday and have the holiday weekend to enjoy our new COMPLETE pool. Wrong again. Our crap pit still sits full of crap pit type stuff.

Meanwhile, yesterday Mark installed outdoor speakers by the pool and a massive spotlight to light the pool area. I'd say we're a weeee bit anxious, don'tcha think?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

To Ashley on your 12th Birthday

Today is your 12th Birthday! Yesterday, we celebrated your last year as an 11 year old, and now you will take your first steps in to your 13th year of life. The past 12 years have been bittersweet every step of the way. From the first day of preschool, to your first day of 7th grade you have grown and changed so much. You're now almost 5' 6"! The scared little girl standing in the middle of the playground, shy as anyone can imagine, has blossomed in to a kind, and sincere young lady. Yesterday was the second day of 7th grade, and you came home to tell me about the two new girls at school that you invited to sit with you at lunch. As much as you've changed these past few years, your heart is the one thing that stays constant. Who you are continues to shine through year after year. Ashley will always be the sweet, kind hearted girl from years past.
Your interests have grown from ponies and dolls to phones, sports and boys. One year. Just one year, and here we are watching you transform in to a responsible little lady. You have a passion for writing, and watching your passion grow in to talent is amazing, sweet girl.
Your confidence is up there with the birds, hovering for all to see. In the way you walk, talk, smile and share, I can see the confident young woman beginning to bloom.
Basketball and volleyball are your favorite past times, and you are determined to be the best you can be at each of these. You always have either a basketball or a volleyball in your hands, and if you don't, you're setting laundry, or dribbling anything round. I am SO proud of how hard you work at practice, your determination is an inspiration to not only me, but those around you. Even if you decide to move away from each of these sports someday, I know that these years with them in your life will prove to be a major part of the woman you will someday become. The goals, and self discipline, not to mention the relationships, and self confidence they bring you is certainly a measurable indication of what may come.

To my amazing young lady on her 12th Birthday, I love you. Keep on Keepin on.