Saturday, November 05, 2005

Halloween Pictures

Alex is 4!!!

We had Alex's 4th Birthday party at Chuckee Cheese this year. We didn't want to fool with cleaning and cooking, so this was too hard to pass up. All of our close neighbor friends were there, Uncle Frank, Aunt Nicola, Alexis and the Kendalls and Grams and Pops. He had such a great time! Here's Alex Pre-Birthday Party licking his birthday cake batter out of the bowl. He doesn't miss a drop:

And here's the cake, (my very first, so no laughing allowed!)

And here are some pictures of the party at Chuck E Cheese:

Friday, November 04, 2005

Work and Preschool week 2 and 3

I've been at work for 3 weeks now and I've finally started to adjust physically and emotionally to my new schedule, it's about time! I go in at 8:00, come home for lunch and then leave for the day around 3:30 or 4:00. So far, I'm pretty much able to make my own schedule. Alex, on the other hand is not adjusted just yet. Week one went great, but as soon as week 2 started he realized that this was not going to be a temporary thing. During week 2 he was very upset as I was leaving, but now he's upset before we even leave the house. He tells me "I don't want to miss you!" It's a huge change for such a little guy who's always had momma around. I wonder if I should have put him in a Mother's Day Out program when he was younger, maybe it wouldn't be as tough on him. What can ya do, what's done is done.

Alex had his 4 year check up on Tuesday this week. He's 42" tall, which puts him in the 90th percentile for height, he weighs 37 pounds which is the 70th percentile. He had 4 shots and did so well, momma was so proud! The nurse was amazing, she had him distracted by counting pictures on the wall. Surprisingly, he didn't even flinch for the first 3. I had to look over and see the bandaids to find out if she'd done anything yet! The 4th shot was the MMR, which is the most painful one, and boy did he feel that! He fussed for a little bit, but was such a brave boy and calmed quickly. He always gets a bit of a fever when he gets vaccinations, but here it is Friday and he's still feeling pretty yucky. Mark stayed home with him today because he had a fever and was really not feeling well, and he's laying next to me now with a 101 temp. Hopefully this will pass soon.