Thursday, April 19, 2007

Yeah, I'm slackin

My latest excuses for not Blogging:

1. It's SPRING! I'm outside every chance I get. The yard is looking better and better all the time. I've planted all kinds of new stuff and I have plans for even more. Last weekend Mark trimmed the trees, which look 100% better, I'm so proud of him!

2. It's SPRING! (did I mention that??) I've been taking Alex to the park a lot more lately and just today we made a trip to his favorite park. After we played a little baseball, we walked down to the waterfall where we found a big metal tub filled with water and about a dozen or so minnows. After I convinced him that the minnows weren't going to hurt him (yes, I had to show him how it was done), Alex was all about catching the minnows with his hands. That was probably the most fun that boy has had since Schlitterbahn last year. He just could NOT stop catching them. He'd get so giddy when he realized that he'd caught one. And at first they'd squirm in his hand a little, and he'd let out a little yelp and a jump, it was priceless. After a while he became a professional minnow hunter and was catching two at a time. After just putting them back in the water got boring he started dropping them like little bombs (with sound effects of course) back in to the tub and then he'd just laugh and laugh. Who'da thought it could be THAT easy to entertain this boy! He didn't need a playdate with 10 other kids running around, in fact I think he had more fun on his own just wandering wherever his little feet took him.

3. It's SPRING! (oh yeah, I already mentioned that) Spring = Almost Summer = I have to wear a swim suit soon. Whooptey Doo. So yeah, I finally joined a gym. I've been using the excuse that we "just" moved here and I need to find a gym, for seven months now, I figured I either needed to come up with a new excuse, or get to crackin on this oversize body of mine. Which, by the way is as big as it's ever been without a bun in the oven. Yeah, that's whole other subject that I will just pretend I didn't bring up. So yeah, my point was that I'm at the gym at least 3 days each week.

Ok, that's all I've got. I'll try harder. :(