Monday, July 23, 2007

Fredricksburg, Virginia

To leave on a vacation and come home a little changed might sound a little chiche, but I really feel like this trip was such a wonderful experience. Mark and I do not have a large family, and have always thought those who do, are so fortunate. It was nice to have a good size family together in one place sharing stories and making memories.

Instead of recapping the entire trip, here are just a few things that I brought home with me from Fredricksburg, Virginia:

Concrete proof that there ARE wonderful, genuinely kind hearted people in this world, most of which are family, some of which are complete strangers.

An appreciation for hidden house keys, keypad garage door openers and young, powerful Nana's.

The realization that I no longer have to tell stories for Alex. By the time I get around to telling them, he's been there done that at least once, and likely twice.

Knowledge of what it might have been like to be alive during the Cival war, which led to a newfound interest in historic America. Fascinating yet sobering all at the same time.

The knowledge that there really is such thing as a fun and healthy long as I'm on the sidelines. Mark and David had a "discussion" about politics and religion and who knows what else the night before our flight. Fun stuff.

A major appreciation for cell phones, street signs, and internet maps. Getting lost at midnight with access to those while in a car with a sister-in-law, and a daughter with a good sense of humor can actually be an ok thing...even if you do come back without the black lipstick.