Saturday, December 25, 2004

Christmas Day

It's Christmas day at the Urben's, the day is coming to an end, presents are all unwrapped, the food is all eaten, the mess is all cleaned up and here we sit reflecting on all that we have. The simple things are larger than life on this special day. Family, friends, health and happiness...we have it all really.

Last night Nana got to our house at about 5:00, and Jason arrived a few hours later. I had originally planned on making broccoli chicken casserole, but after opening the box of freezer burned broccoli, we decided we just munch on appetizers and eggnog instead. Ruthie started her homemade spagetti for us to eat for lunch on Christmas Day while everyone watched The Incredibles. The kids went to bed around 9:30. As soon as they were out, I started the last of my wrapping. We finished up and got to bed around 12:30. Mark and I woke up bright and early at 6:30 this morning, got ready, lit the candles, started the wassle, turned on the Christmas music while Nana started our traditional cream chip beef on biscuits (Shit on shingles). The kids finally rolled out of bed around 8. They did a wonderful job of taking turns opening presents and thanking everyone. Dad arrived around 8:30, just in time to watch the last presents get opened. We had a wonderful time together as a family, but wished uncle Dave could have been there with us. Uncle Frank showed up shortly after Dad, and Melissa, Aleena, and family showed up around 9:30. We all ate breakfast, while chatting and having a wonderful time together while the kids ran around the house playing with all their new toys. After the Garcia's left, around 12:30, we ate Nana's homemade spagetti, which was WONDERFUL! Nana and Big Daddy left around 1:30, Alex went down for a nap, and Uncle Steve showed up. Mark, Steve, Jason, Ashley and I, all laid around the living room watching A Christmas Story. Apparently I was a tad bit tired. I was awoke in the recliner by the doorbell at about 4:45 and looked around to see everyone snoozing away all over the living room. " What a beautiful sight.

At the door was Mom, Andy, and Trish. I had no idea that Aunt Trish was coming, so it was such a pleasant surprise to see her!! We hung out, munched on the Honey Baked Ham that they brought, and pigged out on all the Christmas goodies that I had left over and had a super time together once again. Everyone left around 8:00, and here we are enjoying the last of this wonderful day together. It has truly been a wonderful day at the Urben's.