Saturday, April 07, 2007

Mandatory smiles

I've been pushing Bluebonnett pictures to the bottom of my to do list for almost 2 weeks now. I've told the kids almost every day to "please remind me tomorrow that we HAVE to do Bluebonnett pictures." And each day something gets in the way. Alex has been anxiously awaiting our stop on the side of the road and has even requested that we stop "a whole bunch of times". So, yesterday on the way to Nana and Big Daddy's we stop. Daddy is sick, and stays in the car with the dogs while I attepmt a speedy photo session. My expectations were high considering all the preparations I've made in talking it up to the kids. That was my first mistake.

We get out there and here is what I get:

Awww, isn't she just perfect.

Aaannnd then there's Alex

Mistake #2...trying to force a hard headed 5 year old to smile. Doesn't work. I threw in the towel with the boy and put my "other" daughter Kelly in for a quick photo shoot fix. Ahhhh....much better.

After watching how happy the girls made me, Alex decided to give it one last try and I actually got 2 decent photos out of him.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Real Moms Meme

I was tagged by Mollie gosh darnit. I guess I can't complain, I always enjoy flexing the brain a bit. To finish the statement "Real moms__". I have to think. If I replace the word "mom" with "dad", this meme would be much easier.
I suppose a real mom is more than just the woman who gave birth to you. She's the one who makes your heart feel warm whenever your heart needs warming, and sometimes even when you don't. She's the one who thinks you're the cutest, most beautiful human being she's ever laid eyes on, even with your hair caked with pear juice and face covered in dirt. In fact, she thinks you're just as precious like that as you are wrapped in a fresh towel after a bath. A real mom always has your best interest in mind, even if that means you will dislike her for a little while. A real mom knows that she will always have a special place in your heart. A place that no one could ever replace, because without her, that little space would be cold and empty.

A real mom knows how to make you laugh and strives to hear that laughter daily. She teaches how you can laugh at just about anything if you choose to. A real mom shows her son how his wife should be, and her daughter how to be that wife. A real mom shows her children how to love by hugging them AND their father (and sometimes a tree or two). She shows them how to hold their head up high, even when their wrong...and that being wrong is ok. Admitting their wrongs is even better than ok.

A real mom is anyone who does the best with what they have, and is always trying do better no matter what their circumstance. She learns from her children just as they learn from her.

She always wishes for her children to have more happiness, love and patience than they could ever imagine.

I know so many REAL MOMS, and I feel so lucky for that!

Oh, almost forgot, I'm suppose to include a picture with this post. Since I don't have one that I think is appropriate, I think I'll share this one.


What do you get when you tell a 5 year old boy to pack his bag for a 3 day vacation on the beach? Two swimsuits, a pair of undies, a Leapster and enough matchbox cars for every little boy within a mile strip of the beach to play with...and then some.

We made our second anual Sandfest trip this past weekend and despite the gloomy weather, we had a fabulous time. This year my best friend Mollie and her family came as well, along with 4 of our other friends and their families. We stayed at the Coral Cay, which was just a short walk from the beach and really have no complaints about the accomodations. The condo was fully stocked with every kitchen utensil imaginable...maybe next time we go we'll actually USE some of them. The room was very clean (aside from the carpet that really did need replacing) and the layout was perfect. I like how the rooms are down the hall and away from the living area. This worked out great since Nana and Big Daddy tend to wake up before the birds and usually have to tip toe around in effort not to wake us. Our pool side view was upgraded to a dune view which was perfect. It put us closer to the beach and really made us feel like we were the only condo for miles. The walls were brick, so there was no issue with noise transferenence. All in all it was a very comfortable stay and I would definitely recommend the Coral Cay.

Now on to the fun stuff! Even with the rain we were able to find breaks in the weather that allowed us to enjoy the beach a bit. And of course I was right there ready to capture those few moments.

Our traditional ferry boat picture and our first seagull sighting as the ferry docked at Port A:

Mom and Ash being goofy at dinner. Imagine that, us goofy??!

Alex squared after their first trip to the beach upon, that's not ocean water they're covered in, that would be rain. From the smiles on their faces I don't think it mattered one way or another.

Lil J-Money trying to warm up after running in the rain.

And now the dry and oh-so-studly lil guy in Alex's shirt.

This is the main castle that most of the sculptors contributed to.