Thursday, December 22, 2005

Alex says...

Oh my gosh this kid never fails to amaze me. We're watching Madagascar tonight and some of the characters were stranded on an island. They made a sign with sticks that said "HELP". A portion of it fell over and left "HELL". Mark and I chuckle at the "inside joke" or so we thought. Alex laughs and says "now it says Hell". &#$%$%^%$&$%&**@! WHAT!!!

Oh, I have one more. Tonight at dinner this little ham must have been trying to reach his "WHY" quota for the day and was once again asking me more questions than I had answers for. When I reach MY quota, I usually call it quits and just admit when I don't know the answer (even if sometimes I do happen to know). So he throws one out there, I don't even remember the question right now, but it was one I couldn't or didn't feel like answering at the time. From across the table our little 4 year old puts his hand up in the air matter of factly, and animates his response of "but you're an ADULT, MOMMA, you're supposed to know EVERYTHING, HEL-LO!" Now how do you NOT laugh at that one?

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