Monday, March 13, 2006

Silly lil Alex qoutes

We were visiting dad last weekend when Buddy decided to show Alex who was dominant in the little guy world. I never actually saw the incident, but Alex told me alllll I needed to hear... In a little Alex laughing voice "MOMMA, MOMMA, aww, Buddy was hugging my leg like a little child."

At dinner the other night Alex was horrible. Bouncing all over the place, not eating, same old Alex as usual, but worse. Daddy had been pushed over the edge (as was I) "ALEX, SIT STILL AND EAT, NOOOOWWWW I'M TIRED OF IT!" Alex put on his pouty face and says in a weepy voice, "but I can't help it Daddy, my body is just wild."

Same dinner..."Momma, what's a manager?" (From watching Spongebob) I gave my best definition and Ash responds with "Alex, you know daddy is a manager?" Alex: "!Oh Cool....does that mean momma is a girl-ager?"

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