Monday, July 24, 2006

Where oh where has my baby gone

Ok the past week has been a blur, busy, fun but a blur. Mark is out of town and will be for up to 3 weeks and we miss him oh so much. We made a trip to Nana and Big Daddy's to see David, Cara and baby Keller. Wow, Keller has changed so much. I am SO in love with this precious boy! Is is absolutely irresistable! I took so many pictures while we were thaere. I so wish they were closer so that I could be more a part of his life, but I will make do with what I have and do what I can. He is soooo sweet.

My love is in Dallas, and I miss him so much. It's so strange without him. I feel like a big ol piece of me is just not here. I talk to him multiple times a day and that certainly helps, but it sure doesn't replace his presence. Everything is just "off" without him. I'm up in the air on when I'll be able to go visit. Monday I'll be going in to work for a little bit and maybe Tuesday as well. I have a get together with some friends on Wednesday and really don't want to miss it, but I might have to. I know that I need to be back in town by Saturday so that Ash can make her flight to Alabama and that sure doesn't leave much time to go see my hubby. We'll see. By the time Tuesday rolls around I may not be able to stand being without him and there will be no question.

Kids are ready for bed, I better get off the puter for now.

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