Thursday, August 03, 2006


I decided that I really didn't feel like driving to Dallas again, so opted to take Amtrak instead. What a trip! And a TRIP it was! I was able to sip wine, nap and take in all the sights along the way. It was such an enlightening experience, and I know that I'll do it again. I met some very interesting people on my little adventure. From a single mom who dumped her 2 year old in my lap to "watch" for a while after only having exchanged smiles to the over achieving retired professor from Cali and we can't forget the hippie with a buzz who kept me company for the last few hours. It was really an awesome experience to say the least. I ended up making friends with the two year old, we read my magazine together and played with my hair clip which proved to be just what this sweet boy needed. I heard his mom telling him to "shut up" on multiple occasions, which just broke my heart. It turns out all the boy needed was an ounce of attention. Of course, that's me judging the situation, but that was my observation.
The retired professor was very educated and pretty much left me in the dust with most of his conversation, but it was definitely a positive experience. lol The hippie with a buzz was quite an experience. He originally came to hit on me, but when he learned that I was happily married, we just had friendly conversation. He's a singer/welder and much to my surprise and delight he belted out a tune for me (and the rest of the passengers for the next...ohhhh 3 cars). He was a riot! I really enjoyed talking to him. He tried on multiple occasions to hit on me, but I made it very clear that I wasn't budging. He told me of his wild life and how he had a 13 year old daughter that he rarely saw. He was a 46 year old man living on the edge, traveling from city to city doing welding jobs and partying his life away. He was surprised that I would talk to him, but honestly, he was quite entertaining even if he was half lit. He talked about how lonley he was and how he just couldn't give up the hippie lifestyle, it was obvious that he longed for someone who cared about him. There were times in the conversation when he spoke in past tense about what his live "could have been". I gently reminded him that his life was still on the table and that he didn't have to commit to the way his life had been. In the grand scheme of things, he has plenty of time to have all that he desires in life. It was sad, it reminded me so much of the many conversations I've had with my brother, in fact he reminded me so much of Jason, and that's probably why it was so easy for me to tolerate him. He was very kind and had many kind words to say about that.

As we came in to Dallas and our conversation ended he told me about some of his exciting travels and how he had done SOOOO much that most people had never dreamed of doing...he had stories of playing guitar on the Eifel Tower and playing music for change in the subways of Paris, and how exciting and adventurous his life really was. And then he lowered his sunglasses and told me that of all the travels and adventures, he still envied me, because I had love. It was touching, it really made me think about how wonderful my life is, and how lucky I am to have love, and a husband who works so hard for his family. I really feel like the luckiest person in the world. I have just enough troubles to make me appreciate what I have, but never too many to handle.

Before I got off the train, the writter sitting behind me handed me a note. Apparently, he had been listening to our entire conversation. I'm not sure what to make of it, but I am flattered. Here is what he wrote:

Finally, the chance glance, I was awaiting.
Though my identitiy is conceiled by an aloof space.
I'll believe, because of need,
that even space small and glance fast, our eyes were mating.
Now I just heard her voice, a beautiful tone, with the perfect touch of sweet Southern Drawl.
My quick fleeting scenario, fills me warmly, but I know has to end soon.
She commands such cruel beauty in sincerity, look and speech.
I don't have to take all the blame, do I?
These midafternoon dreams just seem to happen in July or June.
Oh, just another thing to add to the wonderful torture.
She is fairly close to perfect, 'cause she loves her husband and her daughter.
What is saving grace to what would be disaterous fantasy is that she is real and right, and makes all her airspace feel good.
Which thank the lord, saves this author test of his vanity.

Jamie, this was written for you because you deserve it, and has done me well,
Just to hear you speak. It also revives my hope there still could be one out there for me.
Thank you, Jim

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