Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday - Chores

I'm proud of both Ashley and Alex for being such big helpers around the house. They have their weekly and daily chores and most of the time they do them without much fuss. This weekend we were out of town, so chore time was crammed in to Sunday afternoon when they would have much rather been playing outside, especially after the long drive home. I told them if they got their chores done quickly they could play outside the rest of the evening. In order to accomplish this quicker, Ashley come up with the idea that they could help each other and get done faster. They spent the afternoon working together without fighting, and ended up accomplishing their goal without me having to nag.


Pass The Torch said...

You can't buy that kind of experience. Good for them - and good for you to me the kind of mom that values chores. The more I research for my book, the more it solidifies my resolve to continue giving responsibilities to my children.

Thanks so much for joining us again for PTT!

Jennifer said...

That is really sweet. Way to go, kids!

I wanted to remind you that Friday is the deadline to link your Read to Me results. I hope you'll let us know how you did.