Wednesday, July 11, 2007

So sexy it huuurrrts

Mom just sent me this pic. from a few months ago. I'm so proud. This is me after a day of trimming oaks. Unfortunately, due to Oak Wilt, every branch we trim must be sprayed with pruning spray (ie: TAR!). Hmmm...wonder whoose job that was?? Sadly, it took Mark laughing his a$$ off before I even realized I was downwind. I was covered..arms, face, neck, HAIR!!! COVERED. I ran inside and scrubbed only to discover I was scarred for life and no amount of scrubbing was going to remove my new friends. I had no idea what to do what do I do? What any girl would do. I hopped in the truck drove the around the block to moms. I showed up at her door almost in tears begging for HELP.

Aaand she laughed.
Aaand she took pictures.
Aaand she laughed some more.
Aaand I felt like a complete moron.
Several different concoctions later, I was free from my new friends and coated in a very thick layer of baby oil.

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ImBlessed2x said...

.... you KNOW I'm laughin!!
(Guess that is why you neglected to tell me about it at the time eh?)