Friday, December 21, 2007

"THE" Tree

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Yesterday, we made our trip to the Christmas Tree at Zilker. Once again we outsmarted the masses, which are oh so proud of. We picked up dinner on the way and were able to park and walk up before dark, with no line and no parking fee. SCORE. (Did you know sunset is around 5:30 these days???? I didn't realize that until we started making these plans. That's SO EARLY!) Showing up early has many getting to watch the worker with the big crane truck unload the massive logs in to the fire pit. That was amazing...and something I've never had the opportunity to experience, but was always just a tad curious about.

Alex and Ashley got along unusually well and spent most of the evening running around playing games together. They'd disappear for a bit and we'd find them hand in hand under the tree spinning together, or playing tag in the trees. Love was definitely in the air that night. Mark and I were reminiscing back to Alex's first trip to the tree and how he just laid in his stroller bundled up sleeping while we took turns spinning around with 5 year old Ashley. And then back to the first year we were sans stroller, and how FREE we felt. Wow, the years just seem to be flying by so fast! That must mean that we're having loads of fun, right?? Someday, I'm hoping the kiddos can reflect back with smiles and warm heats like Mark and I do.

The kettle corn and funnel cake were awesome as usual and the weather was just right. Cool enough to have to make frequent trips back to the fire pit to warm up a bit, but not so cold that we were miserable. We left around 7:30 only to find the line to get in was backed up all the way down Mopac. A perfect opportunity to show the kids just how smart their mom and dad are. ;)

Today we're just enjoying being at home together. Mark is working from home, but his presence certainly makes it feel like a holiday. I think the kids and I will do a little baking today and just enjoy our time together.

I'm working on the pictures right now, and will post a slideshow shortly.

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