Monday, August 04, 2008

Work Woes...maybe not

Where did I leave off on Friday... interviewed with two preschools last week and applied for a 90% perfect job on Saturday. Fast forward to Monday (today),
I log on and start my routine of searching want ads.
Once again, nothing.
Only it was worse; the job I applied for on Saturday had mysteriously disappeard. And there I sat, once again starring at screen full of jobs that I'm not qualified for. So there's the start of my day, as it has been for weeks. I sit, I ponder, I drive myself deeper in to dispair. Maybe I will read some more of my History text, for the class I haven't even started. (Yes, that is pathetic, I know)

It's not that I NEED this job.
But really, I do NEED this job. I need something. The kids are getting older, need less of me, and I NEED something more.
Fortunately, I was preoccupied with the notion that the pool worker bees would be showing up "any minute now", and that helped me not get too deep in my funk. So I paced from window to computer screen, to window and back again to computer screen, thinking somehow, one or the other will provide me with some sort of hope. Neither prevailed. It's amazing how busy one can be doing absolutely nothing. 2:30 rolls around, and low and behold, a work truck appears. YES! We will make progress today!
Or so it seemed. The guys pile out, spend 30 minutes repairing the broken backhoe and then get to work. Finally, I have something to preoccupy myself. So I sit. And I watch. And I watch some more. By 4:45 they decide to call it a day, and they pile back in to their truck and they're gone. **Sigh** I'm pathetic. Just pathetic. Unmotivated, unstimulated and in need of SOMETHING.
And then it happens.
I notice I have a voicemail.
It's the Castleberry.
After being "on call" for what?? 3 months I guess it was, he calls! He's ready for some help. He needs me 3 to 4 hours a day asap.
And finally, I can exhale.


The Mom said...

Wow. I seriously think someone is watching out for what you want and need Jamie! Things fall into place for you it seems! Oh and my jaw dropped on the Alex comment as well...3 dimensional square??? sheesh.

Jenni said...

Jamie, this is wonderful! Yay! Yay!