Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday

I'm a little late today, I got a little carried away with designing my new banner and just realized it's TUESDAY! Soooo, I could either take the time to write about one of the many incredible moments my children have shared with me recently, or I can copy something from the past and get busy cleaning this house.

Alright, I'm pulling this one from January 5th, 2004.

Sweetest Words
January 5th, 2004

Mark and I tell our children many times a day how much we love them, with only one intention, letting them know that they are loved. Up until recently, those words have never been uttered back to us by our wild and crazy toddler. I'm not sure what took so long, maybe it was because this was the one phrase in which he continuously heard, that he was never propted to echo back to us. Or maybe the time just wasn't right. Well, Friday night those three words made their debut out of his sweet little mouth, unprompted and unexpectedly.

I woke up that morning with a fever and an upset stomach and spent all day in bed away from my babies. By Friday evening, I had had just about enough of staring at the accumulation of dust on my ceiling fan blades, and trying to decipher the echo of little voices outside my door, so I made my way to the living room couch. I must have been laying there for all of 30 seconds before I was turned in to a human jungle gym. Although this may not sound pleasant, believe it or not, I was feeling slightly more human than I had all day. I was being distracted and no longer wallowing in the aches and pains that a fever can cause. So, in the middle of Alex's mommy-acrobatics he paused, looked me in the eye with his devilish grin and said slowly and precisely, "I-love-you." As I took down my toddler defense shields (the palms of my hands) my little human numchuck followed through with the BIGGEST toddler hug imaginable. He didn't get me over my bug by doing so, but he sure did help get me through it.

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Pass The Torch said...

Man, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

And if you didn't tell him all the time, he'd never have told you how he felt. We may not think it's a big deal to speak the words, but it really is.

This is a beautiful post, and you, too are reminding us about the simple things that make our lives so blessed.

By the way, LOVE your banner and the quote. Awesome. Thanks for joining us again for PTT.