Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Pass The Torch Tuesday

I'm late...imagine that.

On our trip to Nana and Big Daddy's this weekend Ashley rattled our cage quite a bit when she asked us what car we were planning on getting her when she turned 16. I was speechless. Mark was not. This is something that I had not yet contemplated, considering our sweet little precious girl is only 10 years old. Mark, on the other hand had obviously mulled this one over, "I don't know sweetie, whatever you can afford."
And there in the van on our Easter trip, 10 year old Ashley began her plan for her first job. Three days later our little entrepeneur has a business plan and well thought out flyer to post...which I will HAVE to share when I get permission.


ImBlessed2x said...

well she must know that we've got first babysitting dibs on her when she starts!.... and you KNOW I don't trust most adults, much less teens, with my kiddos!!

Pass The Torch said...

I LOVE THIS! What a little planner. She sounds just like my 10-year-old!