Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Little mathmatician

Alex is LOVE, LOVE LOVING his GT class, in fact on the mornings that he goes to GT he pops out of bed, gets ready for school as fast as he can and talks about how excited he is the rest of the morning. I'm so, so happy we had him tested. He's enjoying the reading GT class, but math is his favorite right now.
This week in his GT Math class, he's adding and subtracting 4 digit numbers like a pro! I'm just amazed that they're doing this at a kinder level. It really shows me that they're in tune with the kids on an individual level and progress accordingly. His love of math is really shining through.. On the way to school this morning he was multiplying numbers out loud just for the heck of it (no prompting by me) and out of no where he throws in "35 plus 35 is seventy". I asked him how he figured it out and he says "well, 30 plus 30 is 60, and 5 and 5 make 10, so that's 70, so that means 35 times 2 is seventy!" I'm just so proud of him and how much he's really grasping these math concepts, not to mention the FUN he's having figuring it all out.


Jenni said...

aMAZing!! How exciting for Alex! I always LOVED math too-it's so much fun!

Mollie said...

WOW. And I was excited on A's subtraction word problems! Georgetown Schools rock!

Tell him I said not to get TOO smart to fast or all those fancy brains will ooze out his ears! ;)
(((WTG Mr A)))