Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Alternative Methods to Lowering Cholesterol

Just the other day I was chatting with my neighbor friend, Peg, when she brought up her dilema about the possibility of going on meds to control her hereditary high cholesterol. We discussed a few options and then I told her I'd talk to Ruthie about what she's done to control hers. I was pleasantly surprised by the detailed email that followed my inquiry and decided that this information should be shared. Below is her gererous response in chronological order:
Thank you Nana!!!

I am always reading and adding to my efforts. I have made a list in chronological order of my efforts and results. Hope it helps.

I have always had medium High cholesterol. My Father and all of my
brothers were or are on cholesterol medication.

06/2006 -I started with my Cholesterol at 273- HDL- 40.- LDL- 207. When I got these results- I decided to get really serious.

Intake 35 to 50 grams of fiber a day I take at least 3000 mg a day of omega 3 (the standard recommendation is 1000 mg)- This supplement helped alot. It was just not quite enough.
Eat practically no butter- mayo
Eat olive oil generously
Eat avocado and garlic

11/2006 - Cholesterol - 239 - HDL- 42 - LDL - 196

People with cholesterol problems often have problems with insulin resistance. I have read that if you control
your glucose levels that the cholesterol will come under control. I try to watch my sugar intake and take a sugar glucose supplement as well as cinnamon. Also limit carb and sugar..

I also take 500 mg niacin supplement.. My Canyon Ranch doctor recommended building up to 2000 mg. You take the niacin at night because it opens up your blood vessels and can cause a flushed itching face, chest etc. I decided to stay with
500 mgs because I can still tell that the dosage I take still affects me.
Exercise is recommended and I can say I do it more then I used to but I don't do it enough.
I also bought a glucose and cholesterol monitor and I used it monthly.

All of the above helped but I was still fighting the numbers until I broke down and took Red Yeast Rice. I take 1200 mg a day. 600 in the morning and 600 in the evening. Red yeast is a natural statin. This means that you should have your blood work checked every 3 months. I keep thinking that if I get better at diet control and exercise, I'll be able to back off the Red Yeast Rice. Maybe go to 1 a day and then slowly eliminate it. I'm convinced that the Red Yeast Rice is a better solution then the medication the doctors would recommend. My doctor was absolutely sure that the Red Yeast Rice would not work but after I had been on it about 2 months.

01/2007 Cholesterol - 172 - HDL- 51 LDL - 103. YEAH! His response was to keep doing what I was doing.

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