Wednesday, August 22, 2007

T minus 4 days

Tonight was Ashley's 6th grade orientation as well as my PTA Board Meeting. Mark took the kiddos to Ashley's thing so I could make my thing. Turns out that the rumors we've been hearing about the possibility of her school starting one to two weeks late due to renovations is false. They promised they would be finished by Monday. Yay! Aside from that, they say the orientation was pretty much old news, but she did get her schedule...for a brief period of time. Unfortunately, they scheduled her for two PE classes this semsester, and they had to turn her schedule back in for a change. Sooo, Monday morning she'll be able to see what classes she has.

As for my meeting, it went very well. This is my first year with a position on the Board, and I have to say, I'm pretty excited about it. I'll the the Kindergarten Represenative, which means I'll be in charge of getting Kinder room moms for each class and ensuring that they understand what that entails. I will also be in charge of the PTA Bulletin Board. Being up at the school as much as possible is my goal, and I think I've pretty much ensured that my goal will be met. As it turns out, Alex is in the same class as the PTA Presidents son, which is SUPER news, considering she requested her sons teacher.

Just before leaving for the meeting I checked the mail and found the sweetest little postcard addressed to the one and only, Alexander Urben. This was not just ANY postcard, it was a very, very special postcard from his very first teacher. When I told him he had a postcard from his teacher, his little 5 year old face LIT up as if I'd just told him we'd won tickets to Disney World. After calming him down I was finally able to sit him down so he could read his very own piece of mail. Of course, he read it in it's intirety without hesitation, and is now even more eager to start Kindergarten than ever. Tomorrow is meet the teacher night which should hopefully hold him over until Monday.

My little pumpkin is going to big boy school and my little princess is going to big girl school. I'm going to need some serious therapy on Monday morning...friend therapy will do...but Mimosas will do even better!