Tuesday, August 23, 2005


I've decided that my memory is far to unreliable to remember all that I need it to, so this will be my spot to jot down all those precious Alex-isms that make us laugh each day.

Gui-ana - any of various large herbivorous typically dark-colored tropical American lizards aka: Iguana
Ex: "Momma, where is my guiana that Koltin gave me?"
Sadly enough, this is one of those words that my poor son will say incorrectly until he goes to school and the teacher corrects him. And on that day, I will cry. There are very few of these words, but the ones we have are way to precious to give up this early. :)

Aga-Cadabra - a magical charm or incantation
aka: Abracadabra
Ex: Alex asks momma for a cookie. Mom: "What's the magic word?" Alex: "Aga-Cadabra!"

Updated January 3, 2006:

Breath-ust - the first meal of the day, otherwise known as Breakfast.

Buh-zan-ya - Layered italian dish consisting of cheeses, flat noodles and tomato sauce otherwise known as Lasagna.

Buh-sketti - another italian dish consisting of sauce and noodles, aka: Spagetti
Botched Pet names

Hemry - The name of our second pet Guinea Pig.
aka: HeNry

Tachi - The name of our kitty who owns the upper half of our home. This name morphed from Chachi to Tachi and sometimes chach...I have no idea how this happened.
aka: Chelsea

Fumbuhwina - Our pet rat.
aka: Thumbelina

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