Friday, January 12, 2007


Ash had her first practice lastnight. She did so well. A little nervous at first, but that's to be expected. By the end of the night she had relaxed and was having a good time. She's one of only three 5th graders on the team, all of the other girls are in the 6th grade, very experienced and all knew one another, so her antimidation was only natural. She really is such a good sport, she goes out there and just keeps on truckin despite being inexperienced and knowing no one. I was so proud of her! Her first game is Saturday, and she's so excited that she wore her uniform to school today.

She has informed me that after basketball season she really, really wants to play football. Yes, football. She's been asking to play football for over a year now, and I think I'm gonna have to give in before too long.

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