Tuesday, January 09, 2007


The holidays are officially over. This is not such a bad thing. I'm always so anxious for the holidays to get here so I can decorate, bake, spend more time with the fam, celebrate with traditions, etc., but by the time it's all over, and things begin to get back to normal, normalcy is quite a welcome change. Gone are the days of staying up til midnight and waking up at 10. (although Alex is still adjusting, he slept until 10 yesterday morning)
Yesterday, I was up before 7, and quite honestly, I was glad to have my morning back. On a typical weekday morning I wake up around 7ish, see Ash off to school at 7:30 and then I'm all alone until the boy wakes up. This is when I get a big chunck of work out of the way. I typically get in about an hour and a half of work before Alex gets up. My reward is my nice warm cup of joe, which happens to be keeping me company as I type this entry. If I miss this morning routine, like I have for the last two weeks, my schedule gets totally thrown off. So if a dog barks, whines, wags it's tail to hard, or does anything more than lie quietly still on the floor while I'm engrossed in this routine, I'm like a mother of a newborn shushing any possibilty of a waking boy.

Good bye Ho, ho, ho, hello hi, ho, hi, ho. (Gosh I make me laugh)

So here I am once again, wrapped cozily in my routines with a pile of work in front of me waiting to be done.

On the agenda for today:

1. My hair appt.! Yay! I'm way overdue for a cut and highlights.
2. Ashley's dentist appt.
3. Meeting dad to drop the boy off for a few days.
4. A short meeting up at work.

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