Saturday, August 22, 2009

Conversations with Alex

This morning we were discussing the precautions that we need to take with Abby now that she's on a special diet to prevent her allergies and how easy it would be for her to get ahold of the other dogs food. After a long concentrated facial expression, Alex says "Sometimes dogs can be very fragile, just like frogs." ????

Another conversation this morning...we were discussing the different methods of plant proppegation and I asked him if he remembers how we propegated our Sago Palms. He thought for a minute, gave me a silly look and said "You put the lime in the coconut?"

After the propegation conversation, he said he'd like to do a science project at school one day to test how a plant would grow in different soil types and one test could be "just water with plant vitamins".

I just LOVE how a 5 minute conversation with him can be so entertaining and so educational all at the same time.

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